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Sabi niya, “okay lang magtanong, wag lang paulit-ulit”

Sorry na, boy, kung ako’y makulit

Gusto ko lang namang siguraduhing okay ka

Tutal minsan lang naman tayo magkita


Wag sana isipin na pinaiiral ko ang aking pagiging peryodista

Pag tinatadtad ita ng taonong habang naglalakad tayo sa bangketa

Na-miss lang siguro kita, yung lang ‘yon

Sige na nga, aaminin kong ispesyal ka sa’kin, simula pa noon


Tonight, she was more stunning than ever

Capturing the hearts of the weak, the strong and the clever

With the black dress and the love song,

She had their attention all night long


Her beautiful voice was the one that got people on their feet

But she, herself, would never admit it

She always thought in her life, praises will never fit

What she was used to was disappointment and defeat


Her song was very heartfelt

The way she sang made some hearts melt

It makes one wonder why the greatness in her she never felt

Truly, she’s sometimes one of the most hard-to-read persons I’ve ever met


I guess that in some way she hopes

That there will be someone who “knows the ropes”

That people will look past the dress and the songs

That people will look past her wrongs


She’s great but she doesn’t know

She’s capable of so much more, but she doesn’t show

She’s beautiful but she doesn’t feel that way

Even if you tell it to her everyday


There was no doubt on her glamor tonight

I really just wished she didn’t deny it with all her might

Oh, how I long to tell her, “I wish someday you’ll see yourself as you truly are

Shining bright, ever so beautiful like an evening star”