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It was beautiful, a beautiful sight in Lakefront circle.

The sun has just risen, but you can already feel its comforting warmth embracing you. There was a flock of birds that flew on to the horizon. I was walking, and there were people walking with me.

Oh, such a beautiful sight!

Families bonding; parents cherishing these precious moments and children enjoying their innocence. Couples reuniting, mending broken bonds and giving new chances. Friends who shared smiles, and with each passing moment, they knew each other better—their bonds strengthening.

You could just see the joy reflected in the eyes of these people, people who have someone walking with them, walking along side of them.

But, there were a few who walked alone. Staring out at the long path ahead of them, just walking, going to wherever their feet will take them.

What a beautiful sight it was!

Seeing these people to keep on walking, not letting the loneliness overtake them. They carried on and faced the sun—holding on to its promise of new beginnings and new chances.

The sun is high on the sky now. Shadows are already as tall as the trees. I paused to gaze at the long road.

Oh, how beautiful, what a beautiful sight indeed!

To see all those people keep moving forward, again and again, around the Lakefront circle.


Yesterday, was indeed, a blessed day.

Funny thing, I actually got my Tuesday planned out: study for my Literature exam, research some more for my Art Appreciation self-portrait performance and some other school work. I thought it was going to be a normal, dull, kind of boring Tuesday.

But I had no idea I would be so blessed that day. Blessings just kept on coming as if God is raining down so many blessings at once, and I’m wide awake to catch as many of these as possible.

How is my Tuesday a blessed day?

Let’s start with the night before. I remember while I was in the middle of struggling to focus on my Literature reader, I suddenly got an order for a One Direction t-shirt. The transaction was fast; it was a sealed deal and the shirt was printed and to be picked-up by the customer at my mom’s office by Tuesday morning. Praise God for the blessing!

Normally, I don’t have classes on Tuesdays, but by 9:30 a.m., I was almost done getting ready to leave for school. We have this “heart-to-heart” talk with our thesis professor; it’s basically a consultation. Anyway, I was stuffing the usual stuff to my bag: wallet, phone, phone charger, bottle of water, hygiene kit, hair brush, laptop and laptop charger. When I opened the drawer that contains all the chargers, I glanced upon the charger of my old Samsung Corby Wifi, which I’m selling. For some unknown reason, I just stuffed the Corby’s charger in one of my bag’s hidden pockets—where I keep the Samsung Corby phone. It turns out, me brining my old phone and charger out of the blue has a purpose. But that will be told later.

The university area has changed a bit. This actually led me and my friends into thinking that we have been gone for a while, even though we were only gone for about five days or so because classes got canceled. There was a KFC and Army Navy branch that is almost done setting up. Sounds like we will have new hang out places soon enough.

Most of my classmates, as well as the other section, waited patiently for our professor’s call. He calls two groups at a time. Some sessions take as short as 30 minutes, some lead up to an hour and a half. I was by the lobby with my thesis group, reviewing a bit for our Literature prelim exam, when I got an inquiry from a client for long-term video editing service. There are so many details in what he wants to happen, but, bottom line is, I’m going to have projects until October—and I’ll be making almost P4,000. Praise God for the blessing! The client hasn’t actually confirmed yet, but I am praying and I claim that this will be a sealed deal, in Jesus’ name!

The “heart-to-heart” talk didn’t go as our thesis group expected. It turns out there are still a lot of things to improve. At least we were informed early, rather than not being aware of our mistakes and risking the tendency of having to repeat from scratch next semester. After the consultation, we all went home. Usually, when I ride the jeepney from Pasay to Bicutan, I don’t usually go down the mall area, but rather near the Dona Soledad area. For some unknown reason, I checked my phone while the jeepney crossed the expressway intersection—turning left to the side of SM Bicutan. I received a text message from an interested buyer of my Corby. The client was within the area, and by the looks of his text, it looks like a done deal to me. He wanted to meet up in the mall, so I hopped off the jeepney, went in the mall and headed straight to the Food Court to wait for him. As I sat there and waited for the buyer, I uttered a prayer of thanks. Thank You, LORD for the blessing. So that is why I brought the Corby’s charger with me today—because someone will buy it later that night. If I hadn’t brought it, I would have gone home first and fought my way through rush hour traffic just to get back to the mall. Thank God for His perfect will.

When the buyer arrived, he just checked a few of the Corby’s specs, asked me about its basic operation and within about 30 minutes, we sealed the deal. I was able to sell my old phone for P2000. Now I have money to finish paying for my new phone, and extra money—because of the shirt order and the potential 10-month project—I have money to maybe buy an external hard drive or save up for my photo booth business investment.

Wow. Just… wow.

The LORD is good. Even though, lately, I’ve done a poor job of being His servant—there have been a couple of days wherein I failed to read the Bible and that I felt obligated of going to church—He still is faithful. He answered my prayers and gave me all these blessings. My God is an awesome God!

Tuesday was surely a blessed day. And I know, there will be more blessed days to come.

It was a rainy Friday in Manila.

If I had been as sad as I’ve been for the past three days, I would have gone ahead and cried like the sky did. Gone all emo, “let the rain cover my tears” and some other cliché, yada-yada-yada… But I wasn’t. Not anymore.

Today, I am happy despite the gloomy mood the atmosphere gives most people. When it rains in Manila, expect you’ll hear people complaining and ranting about the rain—on how they hate getting wet, or more or less getting their stuff wet, how difficult it is to get a ride home, how annoying it is to carry an umbrella whenever you go out of the building, etcetera, etcetera. But, as weird as I have always been, I love it when it rains—and I always will. I always say to myself—and to some of my friends—that there’s beauty in the rain. I can’t explain how that is so. There’s just is; the rain is beautiful.

All day, I have this smile on my face and this light and happy mood in my heart. No matter how much bad luck I’ve ran into earlier this morning, my mood just won’t go down from I’m-so-peaceful-and-I-don’t-know-why kind of feeling.

When I was on my way to buy some film for my camera (Yes, it is a manual camera. Our professor in photography class requires this kind of camera), I’m sure I placed a 100 peso bill in my boob pocket (That small pocket we have in our blouse, the one close to your boob, so yeah, boob pocket), but when I got to the mall to actually purchase it, the bill magically disappeared. But even so, my mood wasn’t ruined. This is no ordinary day, I can tell. If it is, I would be tiring myself from being bummed out all day because I lost money. At least it made my friend—who forgot to get her 30 peso change from a newspaper vendor—feel better.

Fast forwarding to my 6-9 p.m. class… Art Appreciation. I was nervous because of our oral recitation. There were like five people before I actually recite, but I was nervous because I don’t know much about the artist I was supposed to discuss. Gah. But still, I didn’t go all heart-is-racing, palms-are-sweaty, I-need-to-go-pee kind of nervous like I usually do. It was more of a small pinching feeling you feel inside of you—not enough to cause any damage in my good mood. I was just browsing my laptop for funny pictures, browsing my notes every once in a while, and listening to other people recite, of course. When it was finally my turn, I just told my professor all that I knew about the topic—in a convincing way of course, with an uplifting and persuading intonation and such—and… I got a 10 over 20. Still better than what I expected. Yeey.

When we were dismissed and are out of the building, the sky is still crying. I have to walk to the next street to wait for my dad to pick me up. It got my bag wet, but who cares? I love the rain—so much so walking under it. The school is full of puddles already, as always. It’s kinda quiet—you only hear faint chatters from co-students who are on their way home, sound of the engines of the cars passing by, and of course, the beautiful sound made by crickets. I smiled. I really love this. The rain pouring down on you, you slowly are walking through the wet streets… I just feel so peaceful. Most people are pissed by this scenario, but, I don’t know. There’s just something about the rain that makes the corner of my lips curve up and makes my eyes sparkle in delight.

Sorry I got so poetic back there. Haha.


My usual stop every Friday is this small convenience store that is about half a block away from me and my dad’s meet up point. But tonight, I decided to try out this coffee shop that’s about less than ten steps away from where my dad will pick me up. When I entered this small establishment called Mamang Taho—a café serving coffee and Taho together ( I know. Cool, right?), I almost want to go out because of the prices. 55 pesos for a small cup of chilled Taho? No thanks. But, uh… I sort of have to stay here since I’m so near out meet up point. So I tried out this Iced Latte Taho (or was it Iced Taho Latte?) that costs about a 110 pesos. I didn’t bother to go upstairs where their chairs and tables (and noisy customers) are ‘cause my bag is just damn heavy. Good thing they have this small couch near the counter. Small, yet really comfy couch. I got my Taho Latte (or Latte Taho? Whatever it is called) within five minutes. I have to say, it was a great Latte. The whole idea of mixing good coffee with a classic Pinoy delicacy was genius. 9:15 p.m. Dad still wasn’t there. So I began to read some ebooks in my phone. And then, this barista who whipped up my Latte sits next to me. He started asking me about how the Latte tasted, then about my phone (it’s a Samsung S3), then about the upcoming prelims and some other stuff related to school. I answer casually. Hey, he’s cute. Hehe. I’m glad I didn’t go upstairs. :”> When he excused himself, dad finally arrived.

I usually don’t enjoy my Friday-nights-riding-home-with-my-dad moments (Well, I have some dad issues, but that’s another story), but surprisingly my mood—still—was very light and happy. While I looked out the car window, watching the raindrops rush down, I heard something very familiar. Oh my. I never thought I’d hear this again—it’s an old CD dad used to play in the car when I was still a kid. It’s so 90s, so easy-going… I love it! The songs are just perfect while travelling. So I sat there, stomping my feet, slightly banging my head, singing along with the songs with a smile on my face. This line of songs brings back so many memories of my childhood—memories of dad picking me and my sister from school, us stopping by bakery to buy half-moon cookies, memories of me being worry free and happy…with my dad. I actually forgot all my suspicions and issues towards him the whole trip home. Man, I really have to get a copy of that CD.

So, yeah.

I’m happy—and maybe I still will be till I close my eyes and doze off later. I’m happy that everything fell into place. I’m happy for everything that happened today (including the fact that I’m writing again, even if it’s just a small personal blog).
I’m happy that it rained. And I’m happy that it’s still raining.