About Blog

This is a blog of just about any random moment–whether good or bad–that happened to me. Just sharing my experiences and stuff.

But note: this is not an online diary. Ew. Only girly girls do diaries. I’m just simply sharing. I don’t go all “dear diary” and such.

I simply write because of my overflowing emotions. And for the sake of reviving writing as well.

I’m hoping you’ll find some of these entries something you can relate to. That would be so cool. If not, that’s cool too. We have different life situations and all.

What else… Oh!

I believe that it’s these little moments that should be remembered. It’s the small details in a painting that makes it a beautiful image. It’s the small pieces that build up the entire picture of a puzzle. And a fun and blessed life is worth remembering through little moments like these.

Enjoy reading!


Any thoughts, comments and reactions whatsoever? :)

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