Day 26: The MMDA Traffic Monitor Launch

Posted: August 9, 2013 in OJT Days: the Adventures of a Journalist-in-Training

That Monday, May 20th, was I think the first time that I was completely late for work. The call time was 9 a.m., I arrived 20 minutes late. I blame the shuttle van I rode that day. It had a lot of mechanical problems that we had to stop in the middle of the road. Twice. Good thing I was not reprimanded by Sir Mike that much. Whew.

Anyway, that day the MMDA launched a new project called “MMDA Traffic Monitor”. This system enables motorists to see the actual traffic situation on the road, using their smartphones and tablets. The launch was attended by MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino, traffic czar Yves Gonzales and other representatives of the developer of the program. The traffic monitor basically gives anyone who has an internet access to see what the Metrobase sees, but on certain areas only. Upon the launch, motorists can see nine different locations at once. In the middle of the press conference, there was actually a road accident in one of the areas featured. The purpose of the program was very much met. People at the press conferences, and those who were viewing the website that contains the program at that moment all saw a live broadcast of what’s happening in the road. It would very much warn motorists of the traffic situation and give them the chance to take alternative routes.

After the program launch, all reporters followed the Chairman to his office for interviews. They asked him more about the project and also questions regarding the issue on his SALN. After that, we all enjoyed lunch provided by the MMDA for the reporters in the conference room. It was awesome to have to sit near Chairman Toletino at lunch. For me, he was actually very humble. He’s not like some government official who is unreachable and somewhat snobby. No. He instead sits down with reporters, have lunch with them and enjoy a casual talk and laugh with them. Awesome. Truly awesome.


Any thoughts, comments and reactions whatsoever? :)

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